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JVA Agric & Security Solutions

JVA products and expertise are trusted choices for local and international customers as they meet the strict specifications required to secure major contracts such as prisons, airports, power stations, defence facilities and municipalities world wide.

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JVA Electric Fence Energizers & Monitors

As specialists in electric fencing supplies, JVA offers you an industry leading range of electric fencing energizers, so that you have the correct JVA energizer for any system requirement.

Our Rage of Electric Fencing Energizers Include

Security Energisers:

Agric Energizers:

More about Our Electric Fencing Energizers

Security Z-Range Energizers & Monitors

The Z series of security electric fence energizers and monitors provide the power and intelligence to run an electric security fence from the smallest domestic installation up to a multi-zone industrial site.The Z range may be connected to a building alarm or access control system. They may also be synchronized and networked.

The Z-Range Energizers consists of:

The Z-Range Monitors consists of:

It determines if the fence is working properly by measuring the voltage and current, and thereby power flowing to the fence. As such, it does not require a return line from the end of the fence. This can represent a large saving on installation costs on new fences or make monitoring an existing fence possible if no return line was originally wired. The ZM1 can, however, also monitor the return if that is desired. The ZM1 has many programmable options which can be adjusted using a JVA Z-Series keypad. By correctly setting the alarm threshold levels, it is possible to determine if a fence has been cut or shorted at any point.

When used in conjunction with a high voltage electric fence energizer, the ZLM4 is wired to the non-energized earth wires on the fence. In this way, the ZML4 can be used to split one high voltage zone into up to 4 low voltage monitored zones for improved targeting of the response to potential security breaches. The ZLM4 is compatible with the JVA Z series energizers. It may be connected via a keypad bus network with other Z-series devices to enable the whole group to be controlled via one keypad, or linked to a PC running JVA Perimeter Patrol software.

The ZLM4 monitors a low voltage loop using intrinsically safe, isolated ELV DC. It employs a continuity check for detecting open circuits, DC voltage level sensing to detect a short to ground and pulse voltage sensing to detect a short to a line powered by a high voltage fence energizer.

The advanced features of this device allow the performance to be tuned to the fence and to the particular requirements of the site. This is done by adjusting the device’s programmable options. The ZLM4 will report an alarm on: detecting a low voltage loop cut (open circuit); shorted to ground (short); when high voltage from an electric fence energizer wire is shorted to the monitored low voltage loop; or when two low voltage loops short to one another (cross couple).

These systems are ideal where multiple energizer placement at a site is not possible. A single energizer in one location can then partition a single high voltage zone into 20 or 50 manageable sectors.

Agric Mains/Battery Electric Fence Energizers:

These unit is suitable for small to moderate size permanent electric fences.

*These universal or Mains/Battery powered energizers give you the added option of running on 12V should you not always have 240V available.

Portable & Solar Electric Fence Energizers:

The JVA Rechargeable Portable Energiser is a re-chargeable electric fence energiser, proudly made in Australia. It is designed to make animal control a breeze. The range has an integrated, small, but rugged design making it ideal for strip grazing. It also packs enough punch to be great in small permanent electric fence setups.

Portable Pet Energizers:

The JVA Pet 100 Energizer carries a 3‐year warranty against faulty workmanship and components but excludes Acts of Nature (i.e. lightning and flood damage) or malicious damage to the unit or faulty application.