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Stafix Agric Solutions

For over 50 years, Stafix Electric Fence Centres has delivered a quality range of strong, reliable, powerful electric fence products to farmers for animal containment.

Stafix Agric Solutions

Stafix Agricultural & Game Energizers

As specialists in Agric and Game electric Fencing supplies, Stafix offers you an industry leading range of electric fencing energizers. So that you get the right energizer for the job.

Our Rage of Electric Fencing Energizers Include

Agric Energizers:

Agric Mains Energizers

Stafix M63R 220v Mains Energizer

Delivers maximum power and reliable performance for your permanent electric fencing. 63 Joules Maximim out put energy (97 Joules stored energy)

Stafix M36R 220v Mains Energizer

Delivers maximum power and reliable performance for your permanent electric fencing. 36 Joules Maximim out put energy (54 Joules stored energy)

Cyclic Wave Technology - This distinctive feature provides a cleaner, more powerful fence pulse, maximizing the energy that can travel down the fence and resulting in optimum stock control.

Stafix energizers are the result of three decades of intense research and development as constant improvement and innovation is the company's philosophy. Stafix's team of highly qualified engineers are encouraged to push the boundaries of traditional design in order to produce something special for our customers.

This commitment to technological excellence is not confined to this flagship energizer alone. The same outstanding engineering and distinctive styling has been applied across the comprehensive range of energizers, all of which deliver quality and performance unique in their class.

R- Range Remote Capability - Owing to the long fence distances that the larger energizers are used to power, when a fence-line fault is discovered, one could be some distance from the energizer. The remote control hand-piece (an option on the R and Xi energizers), allows the energizer to be switched off and on from anywhere along the fence line which means that fence-line repairs or maintenance can be conducted immediately.

Bi-Polar - Stafix Mains-Powered Energizers are capable of operating in a Bi-Polar mode which sends two simultaneous pulses of energy down a multiple-wire fence line. One pulse is negative with respect to earth, the other positive with respect to earth.In certain conditions e.g. extremely dry soil the Bi-Polar system has a number of advantages over conventional electric fencing systems.

Bar Graph Voltage Display - An easy-to-read light bar display provides an instant measure of the energizer output voltage. It changes from green to red below 3000 volts to warn when the fence is overloaded.

X-Series Unigizers

Stafix's cutting-edge development philosophy has led to another new innovation, the Stafix X1, X2, X3, X6i, X12i and X18i ‘cross over' range of energizers. These multi-powered energizers can be either high-performance Mains Powered units or robust 12V Battery Energizers.

All-in-All it offers More Power and Greater Versatility at a Lower Price.

All X-Series energizers have:

Intelligent X6i, X12i and X18i features in addition to the above:

Style - The smooth, clean lines of Stafix Energizers make them easy to install and even easier to use. Multi-fit options on the rear and large front-mounted terminals are just what you need.

Strength - Intelligent design and robust construction from new super-tough plastics give years of trouble free service.

Safety - Stafix energizers are designed to meet stringent international and local safety standards for electric fence energizers. The units comply with the following standards: IEC SANS 60335-2-76 amendment 1 2000 SA, Australia, IEC for Europe and cULus for North America.

Low Interference - The Cyclic Wave™ technology produces minimum levels of electromagnetic interference, well within the international standard requirements. This can make a substantial difference to the amount of interference experienced on nearby telephone and radio communication lines.